Newsflash, reports, reviews, suggestions, tips a.k.a.: Weather Fremdcast 02102012!

As you might know, on a regular bases we’re inviting talented, befriended DJ’s and/or radio-hosts to do a mix for our ‘Weather Fremdcast’. After previous mixes by Emufucka, Nifkin, R&R, Pathless, Frybread, Coco Bryce, Fine Cut Bodies and Big Mister Doom, here’s number 10! This time we have special guest Da Huge aka Hugo de Graaf (Breda, NL) – DJ, organizer and manager of Dubstep-, Electro- & Breakbeatlabel Rub-a-duck (Black Hole sub-label). Slightly different than our previous guest DJ’s, Da Huge serves a special blend of Electronic dancemusic, Breakbeat, Electro and more uptempo, groove-based Funky-ness. Get your back up off the wall!

In the meantime, other mixes have surfaced the vast sea of the internet: this one must be mentioned here: J Rocc’s Medicine Radio Show prt. 1 for Carharrt (for the ‘dig’ heads). Another J, J. Rizzle just published a very interesting mix via Thefindmag, taking you to the essence of Madlib’s Shades of Blue. More blueness on DJ Mace’s Autumnated mix and, for the newest, finest tunes in town you should tune in to Audio Texture Radioshow.

Talking about new music: we just treated you on Emufucka’s Retrace and Kid Sundance’s Kid’s Colors (watch the video too!), but there’s more to explore. Visit our chart on Juno or our 8tracks mix for suggestions. Sparkling new work comes from the Myor-camp: Coco Bryce serves you his most experimental chilled out stuff on Woestijn/Oase and KRSUR (with a remix by Eloq) brings you the next dimension in future beats on his Wayfarer 7-inch. We wouldn’t want to leave you behind without a contest you can join: here’s one by Laid Back Radio: remix the new LDBK poster!

So, les feuilles are mortes and Autumn isn’t leaving yet. Enjoy your week, matter of fact, enjoy your life.

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