Tomorrow we’ll let you know what will be the cover of the forthcoming Kid Sundance LP. For now, we’ll gladly enlighten your day with a post about a few fresh mixes.

Speaking of Kid Sundance: he recently did an outstanding vinyl-only-mix called Latest Catch. It includes tunes by Francis Lai, Jacky Giordano, Jimmy Caravan, Aristides Santos, Bernard Purdie and others. Coco Bryce is back from his vacation in Morocco and made this excellent ‘Morocco mixtape‘. DJ Mace uploaded two old mixes to keep your ears occupied this week: one from 2005 called ‘Weer ‘s wat anders (side A)‘ featuring music by Sabrina, Prince, RJD2, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, The Meters and others. The other one’s called Hip Hop Mixed Tape part 1 (side A), created in 2001 and is filled with underground tracks by Freddie Foxx, Mr. Lif, Nextmen and others.

To conclude today’s Fremdcast: soon we shall publish Fremdblend 4.0, a mix filled with tracks of recent and upcoming releases. The other parts are still available on soundcloud and mixcloud:

Fremdblend 1.0 (mixed by OptiMace)
Fremdblend 2.0
(mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa)
Fremdblend 3.0
(mixed by Mr. Critical)

Enjoy the weather!

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