Last week hail rained down. There was sunburst. And there was thunder & storm. But we have the same old Weather Fremdcast for you: never too cool, always sweltering & just jabbering untill the break of dawn.

Since we’re behind on are Fremdcast updates, we quickly run down some interesting links for you: Weather Fremdcast Guestmix number 7 is online: this one’s by R&R Grooove Xpress with nothing but Classic Funk and Boogie: listen here! There’s a new, awesome Homebrew album out! Download a new Fremdkunst work-in-progress-tune (Debussy meets Fremdkunst meets Erwin Vann meets Korg). Discover fresh and not-so-fresh-but-still-fresh music on the Fremdtunes May 2012 charts on Juno & Beatport. Last but not least, don’t forget to return to this website on Thursday: Julian Edwardes (who earlier did this track for the SEE-A-SOUND compilation) will release his 4-track EP ‘A Fine Mess’ via Fremdtunes.

To sign off, here are some Beastie Boys (related) tracks & video’s to pay tribute to Adam Yauch/MCA (may he rest in peace): all-time favorite Beastie’s song, you gotta love ‘m for their video’s fitting the songs so perfectly, old school footage of a Beastie-performance on the Joan Rivers show in 1987 and; it sounds like this is a track by the Beastie Boys, but it really isn’t.

So: stay ‘where the wild things are’. Stay Fremd. Stay tuned!

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  1. Streetbeat Pete allways stays where the wild things are, I allways stay wild wile the things are, although he is 72 years old almost and by the way still acting like a young guy! That Busker is a bugga in the good sense of thought, see you later in a jam this month of May maybe? After that is difficult in Millsound studio, because of moving to another location mta….

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