After this year’s ‘Used Future’ (FR2011-02) and ‘This music is not music’ (on Kitchen Dip Recordings) producers-duo OptiMace releases on November 24rd 2011 the first 7-inch in the series ‘The future is not what it used to be’. DJ’s Mace and Optimus invited a whole division of artists to remix tracks of their debut EP ‘Used Future’. Big Mister Doom, Illy Symphony and KRSUR appear on the first 7-inch.

Leeds-based duo Big Mister Doom (UK) kick off the 7-inch and take the song ‘From Lizzie with Love’ to a whole new level and delivers a hot-blooded, downtempo, electronic song. On the B-side, KRSUR (NL) injects ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’ with offbeat drums and his trademark-synths, luminous as always. New-kid-on-the-block Illy Symphony (NL) brings the single to a closure and enriches ‘The ultimate rhythm machine’ with heavy hiphopbeats, vocalshreds and sawing synths. Currently only available on vinyl! Very limited pressing (150 copies). Upcoming 7-inches include remixes by Deformer, Moods, iET & DJ Optimus, Fremdkunst and DJ Devastate.

On Fremdblend 3.0 these 3 tracks can be found: listen on mixcloud and/or soundcloud.

Listen to KRSUR’s remix right here!

And this is Big Mister Doom’s remix!


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