Today (November 22nd) we celebrate the release ‘Chocolate Money EP’ by Kelpe! It’s a 4-track 12″ by the British sonic-adventurer and features 2 remixes by UK-artist Huess and Dutch-producer/DJ Coco bryce.

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Title track “Chocolate Money” sounds like a forgotten Turkish funk gem, with a saz twanging into the foreground over a backdrop of burbling moogs and heavy percussion. “Goldfishing”, with its metallic synths and staccato rhythms has enough itchy urgency to compel any listener into some impromptu body-popping.  On the flipside Kelpe has enlisted the talents of two of his favourite producers: Huess (Inaudible Answer) + Coco Bryce (Harmonia / Lowriders / Myor / Fremdtunes) to rework both A side tracks into their own inimitable stylings. Huess instigates some bizarre twisted Bhangra while Coco Bryce creates an cheekily addictive marimba hook that turns “Goldfishing” into something entirely different. The coverdesign is by Mister Adam. Rushhour will distribute the vinyl:

Review on Lowriders

Review on Broadcat

Review on drowned in sound

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The digital version will be out on 29th of November.

Read an interview with Kelpe right here!

“Chocolate Money EP” Teaser by Kelpe

Chocolate Money (Huess Remix) by Kelpe

Kelpe – Goldfishing – Coco Bryce Remix (Fremdtunes) by cocobrycebeats

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