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Machinedrum, Nils Frahm, Organized Konfusion, Moods, Henry Wu, Mbongwana Star, Jamie xx, Can, DJ Spinna, Four Tet, Kendrick Lamar, Coco Bryce, James Brown, Burundi Black, Instupendo, DJ Optimus, The Temptations, […]

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Fremdkunst remix by Solo Moderna – snippet

Producer/DJ Solo Moderna hooked us up with a superb, crazy, dubby Fremdkunst remix. This superfunky track will be released on our second release ‘Fremdtunes – the series volume 1’ (vinyl!). This label sampler will also feature music by Coco Bryce (ft Gumshoe, Incks & Mace), Kid Sundance (OptiMace remix) and DJ Optimus. You can check a snippet of  ‘Sidewalk surfers & eccentric dancers […]