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FilthyBroke is the alias of a man called Michael J Collins. Last week he released ‘SketchyBook‘: a rapid-fire ‘sonic collage’ of off-kilter, unsettling, deranged and sometimes pretty ‘sound sketches’. What’s the story behind this release and his notable creator? Well, here it is: the rough guide to the work by FilthyBroke, the artist formerly and in daily life known as […]

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Dutch producer Coco Bryce and Tokyo native Emufucka joined forces for a collaborative 7” on Fremdtunes under the moniker Cocofucka. Both beat connoisseurs are not held back by BPM- or genre restrictions, resulting in a cosmic trip into mesmerizing atmospheres, neck snapping 808-drums and hyped up beat creations. Interview by Danny Veekens (

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Last week we proudly released the Satellite-featured ‘Tinderbox‘ EP by Big Mister Doom. Marinate Media labelled ‘Tinderbox’ as “some supreme beat based music” and Inaudible Answer talked about “warm sound and tidy beats”. And we think it’s time to know a little bit more about Big Mister Doom, so read the interview by Elleke Lijffijt with this dynamic duo from Leeds! 

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Half man, half machine? Or in the end, human, all too human? We virtually sat down with the man Pierce Warnecke who just released his digital single ‘The Machine Serves‘ on Fremdtunes and tried to get some insight on the man’s whereabouts, habitats, habits, methods and future-plans. So, here it is: the rough guide to Pierce Warnecke: