We proudly present the third Supertunes-track: Energy Saver by Dutch artist Feiertag! An uptempo, bass-heavy, jubilant track that will surely get you on the good foot. This is Feiertags last track made in his old homestudio, before moving into his new recording studio. Inspired by Tokimonsta, Feiertag pitches contrabasstones and toys with new percussion instruments, basically telling himself to take things easy. The track is mastered by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound). The artwork is made by Lars van Wieren.

Feiertag is a drummer/producer from Utrecht, The Netherlands, who makes tracks that combine UK bass, house, garage and two-step. His unique songs are composed of catchy melodies and syncopated beats, creating a refreshing organic sound. Feiertag (or under his previous monniker Hamertje Tik) released music on labels like BMKLTSCH, INI, Basserk Records, Jalapeno Records and Mad-Hop. Besides producing records he’s known for playing drums for breakbeatfunkateers Kraak & Smaak.

Supertunes! is a new initiative by Fremdtunes meant to spread free tunes and fresh artwork across the cloud. Each month a new track by (a) renowned musician(s) and fresh artwork by a talented designer is released. The project is curated by Fremdtunes and
Mister Adam. So far two Supertunes songs were released: Warchant by new group Mighty Atlas and Didn’t I by Kid Sundance ft Bjorn Maria.

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