Today we present the second Supertunes-track! This one’s by legendary Dutch artist Kid Sundance. Kid Sundance, known for his debut LP Kid’s Colors and collaborations with Dudley Perkins and Busy Bee amongst others, teams up with vocalist Bjorn Maria (Eindhoven, NL) for an eerie hiphoptune. On Didn’t I, Sundance serves soulful boombap with a twist while the silk voiced Bjorn Maria breaks down a story about a beautiful marriage turning into a nightmare. The track is mastered by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound). The artwork is made by the curating man himself, Mister Adam (Amsterdam, NL).


And don’t forget: download our first Supertunes song: Warchant by the new group Mighty Atlas (supported by Gieljazz, Dubmission, Audio Texture, Egotripland etc.)!

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