On a regular bases, Deejay Pathless (music connaisseur suprême and founder of the illustrious Schurkenbiefstuk organization) roams on the net and shines his light on hidden gems, rare tunes and hard-to-find musical masterpieces.

Alan Shelly was the writer of most of the songs of the legendary ‘Malinga Five – Rock Africa‘ LP which is an absolute instant afro funk classic from France. This ‘Malinga Five’ album was produced in 1977, but Alan Shelly – who wrote under aliases A. Deloumeaux, Alain Deloumeaux, Deloumeaux and Deloumeaux A. – also produced some EP’s under his own name. His first EP was released in 1969 and the Doubout/Marche is probably from the seventies. In my opinion an amazing artist and I think this EP is his most interesting one and a hard-to-find one too. It was released on the Artistes Africains Associes label, an obscure label from France which released some African funk records. The b side of the EP is called Mache and has it all: breaks, funky drums, a firm groove and an amazing party atmosphere which brings every dancefloor to life!

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