MEGA KWALThe first Schurkenbiefstuk essentials mix is here!  This mix contains 20-or-so tracks from mainly pretty rare records from all around the globe, collected in the past 25 years by monsieur Schurkenbiefstuk himself, Deejay Pathless, and mixed by none other than DJ Mace.

Schurkenbiefstuk is a platform with all kinds of new and old dance music combined with art, theater and artificial surprising performances. It’s founded by Deejay Pathless and is settled in The Netherlands, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Mr. Pathless told us that whatever it is, it has to be adventurous.

Deejay Pathless is a vinyl collector and connoisseur for over 25 years of all kinds of music and is specialized in jazz, latin, funk, soul, disco, hiphop, soulful house music, boogie, cumbia, bossa, chill-downtempo, electro, nu jazz, neo-soul, broken beats, breaks, reggae/dub, new wave, modern classic and more!

Essential links: Schurkenbiefstuk Mixcloud, Schurkenbiefstuk Facebook and DJ Mace mixes on Mixcloud.

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