This Saturday (September 14) FremdFest #2 is held; a clubnight and unofficial Breda Barst afterparty brought to you by POB & Fremdtunes with nothing but beats, drums, bass, footwork, hiphop, electro funk, glitch and fremdness.

Location is Santiago de Cuba (Graanbeurs, Reigerstraat 18-20 Breda) and we’ll kick off at 22:00 and finish at 04:00. Be sure to clock in early, since the new-girl-on-the-block DJ Aisek will bring you a blend of soulful hiphop, beats and funky-ness. Julian Edwardes steps up next with Wouter Jaftoran for a brand new live-set of experimental electronic tunes. Subsequently DJ Mace (hiphop, beats, electronic funk, deephouse) and Jay Hats (drums, bass, UK-funky, beats) will put the boogie in your body. Coco Bryce seals the deal with a mix of skweee, bass, trap, hiphop, rave.

Here are some mixes with music you can expect to hear this Saturday; do not miss!

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