On a regular bases, Deejay Pathless (music connaisseur suprême and founder of the illustrious Schurkenbiefstuk organization) roams on the net and shines his light on hidden gems, rare tunes and hard-to-find musical masterpieces.

“A few years ago I first heard about this record and was not realizing it was this rare and sought after. When I listened to it I was thinking it had to be a George Clinton production. Although the lyrics in this electro/P-Funk track say “I am the Fatback – The Ladies Dream” I was changing my mind. It had to be a track of The Fatback Band, because the voice sounded so familiar. My search for this record stopped after many years, because I never found it. Nobody could help, nobody did hear this record before, till some time ago! Found a copy for a reasonable price luckily. This very rare record goes now for ridiculous prices for more than 800 Euros or even more. It is a shame there is only this instrumental version on Youtube, because I do prefer the vocal version which in my opinion is much more special. The obscure little record label from The US called Chancy Records International just did a few releases in the early 80’s. This record is very hot at the moment because deejay’s like Peanut Butter Wolf and Soft Rocks discovered this anthem also.


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