We’re rounding up and are about to take a long break, taking time to think thoroughly about the future and make plans. So far, 2013 has been adventurous and amazing for Fremdtunes. And we couldn’t thank you enough for your much needed and much appreciated support and are – ergo – glad we can share a free track with you!

To round up, we like to name some of the latest releases that came to our attention, so here we go:

The new Jameszoo record is out and it’s really, really, really something else. More wicked, tasty beats can be found on the new FilthyBroke Recordings ‘Best Buds Compilation 2‘ and it’s free!

If you can’t get enough of these experimental, downtempo beats you should definitely follow Urban Waves Records. Make sure you pre-order the new Paul White (never dissapoints). Plus: Moods is back it with an amazing remix for Ashtraynutz (never mind the name):

If you are less about beats and more into indie, pop, chillwave: the new Beck record will be out next week. A wider variety of styles suits you better? Download the new compilation by Mostla (featuring an alternate version of Jay Hats’ birds!) – it contains a very exciting blend of tunes (and it’s free!).

And of course, don’t forget to check our monthly Juno chart for much more new music we prefer, like, love…

Stay tuned, keep in touch and comment on this post if you have some music you feel is worth sharing (and we’ll respond in a couple of weeks)!

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