Today, Rotterdam’s beatcreating young gun Moods presents his new EP ‘Another Point Of View‘!

On ‘Another Point Of View’, his Fremdtunes-début, Moods presents emotional, dreamy tunes that reflect the thrills, chills and tingles that life brings about. Inspired by musicians like Curtis Mayfield and Dexter Wanseland energized by the music of producers like Pete Rock, Lapalux, Comfort Fit and Dilla, Moods is taking beatmaking to the level of idiosyncratic songcreation. Whether it’s the prototypic hip-hop swing on ‘Where I Belong’ or the uptempo dancegroove on ‘Comfort Zone’, this youngster will surely begird your marbles and broil your ticker with one-of-a-kind, hard-to-resist musical masterpieces.


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