SHPFR-01_frontDutch label Shipwrec and Fremdtunes cast off for uncharted waters, setting sail to proudly introduce the fresh new release ‘The Grinder’ by Julian Edwardes! Julian Edwardes is a Dutch artist that bends the limitations of hiphop and bass music, his first outing on vinyl takes elements of these sounds and twists them into a new form. The title track (previously released digitally on ‘Paragon‘) judders and shakes into life with a controlled tempo adding gravity to the mix. Sombre notes drop to create a melancholic muscular beast. The flip sees E.R.P. aka Gerard Hanson aka Convextion flying in from Texas on remix duty. The rougher edges of the original are cleaned by reverberating arpeggios before a terse broken beat lands. Hanson weaves his magic, a lush melody of IDM depth descends to elevate this remix into something sublime. Something special from Shipwrec and Fremdtunes…

Vinyl (10-INCH!) only with amazing artwork by Graphic Surgery!

ORDER at Chemical Records (UK), Clone (NL), Decks (DE), Deejay (DE), DJShop (DE), HHV (DE), Japhy (UK), Jet Set (JP), Juno (UK), K-Records (BE), Phonica Records (UK), Red Eye Records (UK), Rubadub (UK), Rush Hour (NL), Vinyl Underground (UK)…

Also featured on Fremdblend part 5!

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