Fremdtunes at Mono!Surrounded by snow and winterfrost we gladly turn up the heat with an overdose of news coming from Fremdtunes HQ. So, here’s today’s prognosis!

Julian Edwardes‘ forthcoming EP’s titletrack ‘Paragon’ is featured on Dubmission‘s last show – make sure you go there and find, besides Coco Bryce’s upcoming-album titletrack as well, a whole bunch of sweet tunes – as always tasteful and on point. More new music can be found at the first Fremdtunes radioshow on Fremdtunes @ Jazznotjazz radio! With tracks by Soosh (Error Broadcast), Hermutt Lobby (Eat Concrete), Azymuth (Far Out Recordings), Long Arm (Project Mooncircle), Chief (Feeling Music) and others. Plus we have a new monthly mix on our mixcloud-page!

Supplemental: The Fremdkunst-track ‘Sidewalk Surfers & Eccentric Dancers‘ is featured in this adventurous awesome roadmovie-vid-doc about Kite-surfing called ‘Hiddden Lines’. More sonic adventures can be found at Coco’s hideout on Soundcloud. Coco Bryce uploaded a mix of, as he himself says, Forthcoming Rubbish (including work for Fremdtunes and Kluts).

So, that should do it for today. Enjoy yourself!

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