Today we celebrate the release of Retrace by Tokyo-based producer Emufucka (RBMA 2012)!

Emufucka makes his 2nd performance on Fremdtunes with this extraterrestrial 10-track EP. Inspired by the ultimate fate of the universe and the relations of space and time, Emufucka blesses the world with blissful electronica-fuelled rhythm sculptures. The elements for his playful songs range from sweet-natured melodies and delicate drum-patterns to tough sounding basslines and drums. On ‘Can’t nobody step to him’ guest Count Bass D amazes with softly spoken words on a pulverizing beat. Emufucka also invited 4 remixers: Quarta 330, My Dry Wet Mess, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie and Coco Bryce – all adding refreshing new ingredients to Emu’s cookery.

Go get it at Amazon, Boomkat, Digital Tunes, Juno, Trackitdown or any other download store near you…

Read more here


Fremdtunes is a Dutch independent music label/collective focussing on fusion beats, future hop and electronic jazz. Plus we love art 'n cool concepts too. Our releases include music by artists like Kid Sundance, Coco Bryce, Moods, Kelpe, Mighty Atlas, Big Mister Doom and many others...

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