Forecast for tomorrow…hot, more of the same only hotter. This whole summer we’ve seen the sun come and go. And now it’s back with a vengeance. Time for some news, sunny side’s up…

Well, talking about sun: the Kid Sundance LP is now also & finally available on Bandcamp (digital) and we’ve updated the Kid’s Colors page on this website. Currently, Superelectric aka Henk Loorbach is finishing the video/mini-film for the track Tech City and we can’t wait till the final result is finished: since Henk did this (Noisia), this (DJ Optimus ft Prince Po) and a whole lot of the Fremdtunes-teasers.

More sunny news is coming from Auckland (NZ), where Sola Rosa reside and bring the people sun-filled Nu-soul and Hip Hop. You shall download!

Last but not least you mustn’t forget to listen to the latest DJ Mace cut ‘n paste collection on mixcloud: right here!

Enjoy the weather, love your neighbors, vote for peace and pray for eternal sunshine.

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