On a regular bases we’re inviting talented, befriended DJ’s and/or radio-hosts to do a mix for our ‘Weather Fremdcast’. After previous mixes by Emufucka, Nifkin, R&R, Pathless, Frybread, Coco Bryce, here comes number 8: a fresh cinematic, glitchy, trippy mix by none other than Fine Cut Bodies! Even though the name implies more than one person, behind the FCB letters it’s only one face, Kevin (Chi Recordings, Hungary, Budapest). His musical preferences are really broad: from minimal techno through dance music to experimental, including dub, headz, broken beat, house, techno, electro, breakbeat – you name it. His taste is determined more by his musical attitude and not by any specific genre: he looks for music that’s experimental but not selfish, new but not unlistenable, with lots of percussive rhythm and deep grooves. ..


Besides this wonderful guestmix, we have a few other new mixes on mixcloud: 3 mixes by DJ Mace (one from 2004, one from 2006 and one made this year). You’ll also find the mix OptiMace did for Wax Poetics on mixcloud. Plus: there’s a new May 2012 mix on 8 tracks…so, enough tunes for you to enjoy this sunny day!

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