Our second ‘Weather Fremdcastguestmix is online: On a regular bases we’ll be inviting talented, befriended DJ’s and/or radio-hosts to do a mix for our ‘Weather Fremdcast’. DJ Pathless kicked off last week. Our second guestmix is made by Tokyo’s finest Emufucka who mixed an exciting set of experimental, electronic, glitched-up, soulful tracks including music by Daedelus, Soosh, Emufucka, Airhead, Sofa Surfers, Machinedrum and many others. Emufucka will release his EP Planar Rifton Fremdtunes on March 22nd!

More mixing: the DJ Mace March mix 2012 is on mixcloud now, including music by SoulChef, Arts The Beatdoctor, DJ Optimus, Julio Bashmore, Pigmeat Markham, Kijk Een Ster, The Natural Yoghurt Band, Headshotboys and others.

So, that’s almost two hours of Beats, Jazz, Funk, UK-funky, Glitch, Vibes, Soul, Downtempo, Uptempo, Hip Hop etc. etc. for you. Ecoute! Enjoy!

Playlist Weather Fremdcast 2 – Emufucka guestmix

Sinus (Dorian Concept Remix) – Sofa Surfers
Run (Zack Christ Remix) – Leodoris
Skipping Puddles (Obey City Remix) – Abel
RAGE CUB – Bruises
Lightmeters (Original Mix) – Airhead
Rez – Notuv
Treehouse – Ifan Dafydd
Speechless – Soosh
Tailor-Made (Sepalcure Remix) – Daedelus
Orbit Unlimited – Emufucka
Paths to Otherwhere – Emufucka
Alter-Ego-Cat (Original Mix) – The Clonious
Untitled 2 – Kawakami Kohei
ダンスマニア3200 – みみみ
What U Wanted 2 Feel – Machinedrum
Paradigm City (St.Andrew Remix) – Emufucka

Playlist DJ Mace March Mix 2012

Billy Paul – War Of The Gods
Julia Holter – Goddess Eyes
Paul White – The Doldrums
HeRobust – Rhode Kill
Arts The Beatdoctor – Ghost In The Machine
Headshotboys – Flektor
Emufucka – Ghost of a Rose (DZA Remix)
SoulChef – Grown feat. Hydroponikz
Dr. Ernst & ATF – Once Again
DJ Optimus –  DNA Let The Music Play feat. Nicolas Kummert
Kijk een ster – RMDTRN feat. Mo
Pigmeat Markham – Here Comes The Judge
DJ Format – Live At The Place To Be feat. Phill Most Chill & Sureshot La Rock
The Natural Yoghurt Band – Chit Chat
74 Miles Away – One Take Groover
Let’s Call Ed – Twister
Hectic Zeniths – I Might Drown
Julio Bashmore – Well Wishers
123mrk – Untroubled
Turnsteak – Kids Want To Fuck feat. Ira Lee
Side Effekt – Like It Is (DJ Premier Tribute)

Stay tuned for more…


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