Grey skies, sunny vibes, time for another Fremdcast…

Our first ‘Weather Fremdcast’ guestmix is online! On a regular bases we’ll be inviting talented, befriended DJ’s and/or radio-hosts to do a mix for our ‘Weather Fremdcast’.  And first up to bat is someone close to home. A good friend and music-connoisseur supreme: DJ Pathless from the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL.

Pathless is a collector and connoisseur for over 25 years of all kinds of music , specialized in Jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip Hop, Soulful House, Boogie, Cumbia, Bossa, Downtempo, Electro, Nu-Jazz, Neo-Soul, Broken Beats, Reggae, New Wave, Modern Classic and more!

Listen to Pathless’ delicious mix right here (downloadlink included)!

Of course, there’s much more good music to explore on the net (make sure you follow 20shotsequence for great music-updates for instance), but there’s one thing we really like to put some extra focus on: Project Mooncircle’s 10th Anniversary 4LP BOX compilation. This stacked box will be released on March 16. There’s so much good music on there, we’re not even going to try to sum it all up: just figure it out for youself on Project Mooncircle’s site and enjoy yourself. Talking about labels; here in The Netherlands we celebrate the arrival of a new, promising label, called Bambeats Records: check ‘m out at

That’s the Fremdcast for today: have a good one and stay tuned!

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