While ‘Carnaval’ is surrounding us and closing us in, we still find time to give you a little update on our daily concerns.

The February mix by DJ Mace is online now. It contains some very fresh tunes including new music by DJ Grazzhoppa, Emufucka (of the upcoming ‘Planar Rift’ EP!), Robert Glasper (SaysWho Remix), Taneli Savo, Jameszoo (new EP on Kindred Spirits coming soon!), Mono/Poly, Jesse Futerman and many others.

More mixing: our own DJ Optimus did a refreshing mix filled with essential, contemporary Hip Hop tunes including tracks by Oddisee, Blu, Eric Lau, Evidence and others.

Also, once more, we updated our bandcamp page: besides the digital versions you can now order vinyl directly. Futher more, we urge you to watch the colorful, funkdafied video by Marble.tv for the single ‘Ti Amo (De La Fonque)’ by R&R Grooove Xpress and make sure you visit www.seeasound.com for all your daily SEE-A-SOUND novelties.

And that’s the Fremdcast for today: feel free to share your thoughts with us and alaaf!

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