Pierce Warnecke, labeled as ‘one to watch, this fella’ on Boomkat, just released his digital single and already hit us with new material for his forthcoming EP (including remixes by Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez, Big Mister Doom & Kelpe). So you can imagine we’re pierced by a tsunami of electronic goodies. Stay up to date, so we can inform you about this upcoming release…

In the meantime, Rotterdam-based label Redrum (run by Mike Redman) released The Underground Hits part 2. This collection of hardcore, underground tracks includes the smashing ‘Pound for pound’ by DJ Optimus ft Prince Po and work by DJ Grazzhoppa, Terilekst, Ill Productionz, Git Hyper & Duvel, Eni-less, Mike Redman and many others. Some more on other labels: after we just published our Fremdblend 3 mix (blended by Mister Critical) on Laid Back Radio, Kitchen Dip Recordings publish their Acoustic Cuisine #2 on Laid Back. Two good reasons (and there’s a whole lot more) to become familiar with Laid Back Radio!

We also charted some old and new tunes on our Juno chart: my link to juno records

So, stay tuned and make sure you >JOIN OUR MAILINGLIST!

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