A brand new OptiMace video, the release of ‘Double Helix DNA’ by DJ Optimus and an upcoming digital EP by Saccage and Fremdkunst…beaucoup de news concerning Fremdtunes. But, of course, there’s more out there in the field of music.

First, we’d like to tell you about the official debut by Glasgow ranger Soosh: his first release is out on Fuselab/Alpha Pup Records. Soosh sounds like melodic abstract syrup with a good mixture of hip-hop and intricate soul. Infatuated with complex textures, floating rhythms and all post-post Soosh invites us to break from all the swag and boom-boom wonk-dom. Original, colorful and a definite must-have. Of course, such a talented fellow had to be invited by us for a release, so be prepared for his forthcoming EP on Fremdtunes.

Finest Ego (Project Mooncircle) monthly treats their listeners to a fine mix, this month it’s a mix by Pavel Dovgal from the Ukraine. DJ Mace also uploaded a monthly mix including tracks by Arthur’s Landing, Mo & Grazz, Pierce Warnecke, Light Club, DJ Optimus, Blank Blue, Kinny, Kid Sundance, Harmonic 313, 1000names, Saccage (40winks Remix), Fremdkunst (Solo Moderna Remix) and Electric Wire Hustle. These last guy’s, from New Zealand, will perform at the De Melkweg (Amsterdam, NL) on July 15th alongside Ladi6 ft. Parks & Julien Dyne, Electric Wire Hustle, Benny Tones, Isaac Aesili and Pacific Riders to give you a taste of the future of electronic soul, funk and hip-hop. Electric Wire Hustle will also perform at Dour: the Belgium Festival has such a great line-up: do not miss!

So that’s it for today, stay tuned!

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