While we’re preparing the release of ‘Double Helix DNA’ by DJ Optimus, we’d like to inform you about the following release on Fremdutunes: ‘Yield & continue’. Dutch producer Saccage will release his debut EP on Fremdtunes on July 4th. This release (digital only!) will be available on downloadstores like Boomkat, Digital Tunes, iTunes & Juno.  Saccage produced two jazzed-up Hip Hop tracks for this debut. ‘Security of misfortune’ dips the listener’s brain in a wistful voyage, while ‘Let it go’ has MC Rude-D distributing some nice, direct vocals on a downtempo Hip Hop beat. Belgium’s finest 40 Winks (Project Mooncircle) remixed ‘Security of misfortune’ and turned it into an authentic tour the force. Coco Bryce (Myor/Fremdtunes) ft DJ Mace remixed ‘Monkey business’ in his perpetual effective way.

Saccage earlier released some great tracks. One of ‘m (together with USA mc Incense) ended up on Tropical Heat Volume 1 by Myor: get this superb record here: http://boomkat.com/downloads/324431-rekordah-mesak-slugabed-tropical-heat-volume-1. In 2007, Saccage released a limited split EP with Rude-D. There’s only a few copies left: order these here: http://www.discogs.com/Skum–Rude-D-SERUM/release/894317.

Stream the Coco Bryce track: http://soundcloud.com/cocobrycebeats/saccage-monkey-business-coco

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