Fremdtunes presents ‘Fremdkunst resonance’: a free download EP on Soundcloud by producer/DJ Mace filled with hiphop-beats, lo-fi samples and spherical melodies.

‘Fremdkunst resonance’ is a mix of old, new and revised tracks and preludes the album ‘Fremdkunst: b-beats & soundscapes’ which will be released in September 2010. The EP consists of funky, jazzy, bit-crushed, distorted, noise-generated, over-compressed, spaced-out beats. DJ Mace produced most songs and was assisted by DJ Optimus, Erwin Vann, Frietboer and Shycop. The EP resonates the sound of previous Fremdkunst tracks and Mace was inspired by The Twilight Zone and the works of Double Dee & Steinski and Bret Easton Ellis. Only the first 100 visitors can download the EP – for free!

You can buy one of the tracks right here.

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