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Tag: Red Eye

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The 7-ICNH/digital release ‘Cocofucka’ by Dutch DJ/producer Coco Bryce & Tokyo native Emufucka  is out now! The two, not held back by bpm- or genre-restrictions, serve up a four track single filled with a combination of loud 808-drums and mesmerizing sounds. The 7-INCH is released in limited numbers (only 200 copies) and comes with handsprayed artwork by Mister Adam. the […]

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Out now! Kid’s Colors by Dutch producer/DJ Kid Sundance! Kid’s Colors is the debut LP by  Kid Sundance: a decisively original album, inspired by the library- and stockmusic compilations of the 70’s and 80’s. On Kid’s Colors Sundance combines beat-fueled Jazz, Funk-grooves, old school Hip Hop vibes and warm melodies. The use of vintage gear, exciting guest-appearances and the artist […]