August 15, 2011

Some novelties from Fremdtunes HQ!

First of all, today, Breda’s Black Hole Recordings (co-founded by a certain individual called DJ Tiësto) releases Dunugoz-vs-tha-Roofas’ Anita’s Theme (Come On People) a remix EP based on a sample of a classic track by Dutch celebrity singer Anita Meyer. Fremdkunst did a remix and re-blended the song ‘Nostos & Algos’ with the stems. We had a lot of fun doing this…so, sit back, listen, enjoy.

Kelpe (who released his Chocolate Money EP on Fremdtunes last year) put out a superb 7” (with a remix by Nino) on Coco Bryce’s label Myor. A very limited release so make sure you get it right here.

Fremdtunes co-founder DJ Optimus (Double Helix DNA) has been working close to singer-songwriter iET, alongside Budy Mokoginta. As a recording artist and on stage. This talented lady just released her Kitchen Recordings via iTunes and it’s a definite must-have.

Last but not least, we’d like to inform you about our first upcoming release, the digital single ‘The Machine Serves’ by Pierce Warnecke. We just received the masters…yeh! Previously, Pierce released music on BEE recordings. We put this release on this month’s Fremdtunes Juno chart.

That’s the Weather Fremdcast for today. For more novelties:


November 21, 2010

When it comes to Myor releases, we do not hesitate to spread the word…so, Myor (Dutch recordlabel by our main man Coco Bryce who will release his Boesoek LP on Fremdtunes early 2011),  just round up a second collection of laidback 8-Bit bounce and trippin’ Skweee from Slow Hand Motëm (crazy, funny and very decent), 1000names (fantastic hi-hats), Beem (perhaps my favorite), Pixelord, S.Y.Z.  and Mother North’s. So go get it at boomkat or maybe even better: run to your local recordstore and order the 12″. And while you’re at it make sure you pick up Kelpe’s Chocolate Money EP (which features Coco Bryce) and Fremdtunes – the series 1 (which features Coco Bryce too)…


October 20, 2010

Skweee-master, funky-man and electronic-barbarian Coco Bryce just released a 45rpm/7inch single on his label ‘Myor’ together with Slow Hand Motem as Light Club. The EP is called ‘Night Bulbs Ep’.  The four tracks are like a soundtrack to a 8bit, glitched-up futuristic version of Lost Highway being edited with shots of Less than zero…anyway: make sure you get a copy! The EP is distributed by Rubadub (not yet available though). For now, go get y0ur digital version at – it includes some extra remixes! And ofcourse we like to mention: mister Coco Bryce will release his first full length LP on Fremdtunes on February 14th 2011. Besides this upcoming release, Coco  did more work for Fremdtunes: he did a remix for Kelpe’s ‘Chocolate Money EP’ and also made a remix for Fremdkunst’s ‘Zauberschwein by candlelight EP’.

Coco Bryce sneak preview

September 6, 2010

Our good friend Coco Bryce (Myor/Low-riders) will release his first full-length LP on Fremdtunes this year. He recently uploaded on soundcloud one of the tracks that will appear on this album. It’s a first class banger so please go and have a listen…

Coco Bryce – Boesoek (forthcoming Fremdtunes release) by cocobrycebeats


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