April 13, 2011

During the making of the ‘Used Future’ EP, DJ’s Mace & Optimus found out that some tracks didn’t belong on the album: some weren’t good enough, some weren’t produced right, some just didn’t ‘feel good’. So, this is one of ‘m (and you can download it for free!).


The track is called ‘Used Future by Januskopf (episode 1)’ and was created during a weekend of musical experimentation. Inspired by ‘The five obstructions’ by Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth. DJ’s Mace, Optimus and Vindictiv created a set of rules for each track they individually made that weekend. For this track, Mace had to use his own vocals (you can still hear the ‘Chris en Neels zijn…’ voice in the background), drums (MJ’s Beat it kick and snare) sampled on the Akai s2800 and a specific bassline. Later on, Optimus and Mace finished the song, throwing in some extra space sounds, synths, cuts, robot-vocals reciting Aldous Huxley‘s words etc. etc. A part of the title of this specific track became the title of the EP.

More on OptiMace.


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