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“Intensely demented electronic funk from the Dutch Skweee king. ‘Club Tropicana’ oozes hypercolour juice from every pore…” says Boomkat. Bleep states: “Few artists have the cajones to attempt a bag as mixed as this; even fewer could pull it off. Well done Mr B.” Kidkanevil thinks it: “Sounds incredible!” Mark Yelavich from Frybread Radio says: “It is so damn good”. Hackman called […]

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Coco Bryce’s new album ‘Club Tropicana’ will be available on March 25, now make sure you get your vinylcopy of his sophomore album on Fremdtunes! Pre-order at BOL (NL), FENDERS (DE), HHV (DE), DEEJAY.DE (DE), JET SET (JP), JUNO (UK), LANGSPEELPLAAT (NL), RED EYE RECORDS (UK), RUSH HOUR (NL), SONIC IMPORT (FR), WEIRD MEDDLE (JP)… If you’re not into vinyl, but do want the digital files you can now be a early bird and get […]