April 15, 2011

While we released the digital version of our EP ‘Used Future’ by OptiMace, one of our favorite producers, Daedelus, released his new album ‘Bespoke’ and it’s one hell of an album. Experimental, catchy, funky. So. Go get it!

Also, one of our other favorite producers, Coco Bryce, has been busy lately. Not only as a producer, but also as chief executive at Myor. He’s about to release the Crystal EP by Utrecht’s native KRSUR and it’s an absolute, absolute, absolute must-have. Read more on this upcoming release on Coco Bryce’s blog:

And there’s┬ámore good stuff from the Benelux out now: Belgium’s producer-group 40Winks just released their new LP on Project Mooncircle. The album is called ‘It’s the trip’. It sure as hell is one and not a bad one either! Read more on this one at Nice to mention: 40Winks will do a remix for Saccage’s 4-track debut EP (FR2011-05 digital release). So will Coco Bryce. This EP will be out in July 2011.

So, that’s the Fremdcast for today. Enjoy the weather.


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