December 5, 2011

Exactly one year ago we released the free ‘Zauberschwein by candlelight’ EP by Fremdkunst. This was the first in a series called ‘Zauberschwein im krankenhaus’. After the release of part 2 O sweet schwein of minein June, it’s time to bring the series to a closure with Like Zauberhulk‘Like Zauberhulk’ is a 6-track EP and one more time DJ Mace and friends explore the outer-limits of the nihilistic Fremdkunst-universe.

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November 11, 2011

Plans are made. Scheduled releases are re-scheduled and re-re-scheduled and now 2011 is coming to an end and, logically, 2012 is coming closer, we think it’s time to update you on our upcoming releasedates.

First of all: 12/24/2011 OptiMace – The future is not what it used to be – part 1 (7″). The first one in the OptiMace remix-series ‘The future is not what it used to be’ with remixes by Big Mister Doom, KRSUR and Illy Symphony. Pre-order now at Rush Hour! Or send an e-mail to info@fremdtunes.com and we’ll let you know how to get one (we only pressed 150 copies, so be quick). On 12/05/2011 we shall release Fremdkunst‘s ‘Like Zauberhulk’ (free digital), the last in the EP-series ‘Zauberschwein im krankenhaus’. It’s a little bit more ‘Frankenstein‘ than it is ‘Cinderella’ and a whole lot more ‘PE’ than it is ‘Hans Dulfer’, but you’ll still hear a little bit of Cyndi-Lauper-sings-words-by-François-de-La-Rochefoucauld- soul oozing through the crackling, grating and stamping.

The new year starts with a blast, when we release on 01/19/2012 Pierce Warnecke’s ‘The Machine Regrets’. A spectacular glitched up, melodic, beatheavy mini-album by Berlin-based Warnecke with remixes by Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez, Big Mister Doom & Kelpe (12″/digital) and artwork by Mister Adam & Superelectric. Also in January we start our SEE-A-SOUND expo at bkkc, Tilburg, and we will release the associated album on 01/27/2012. Big Mister Doom will soon follow on 02/06/2012 with their debut EP on Fremdtunes (digital). This one includes two outstanding tracks by Leeds-based producers Ian & Joe and remixes by Pierce Warnecke & OptiMace ft iET (digital). Further more: Japanese youngster Emufucka exposes his ‘Planar Rift’ EP to the world on 03/22/2012. Expect experimental, up- and downtempo beats and remixes by DZA & St. Andrew on this digital release.

Than there’s some classic material by Kid Sundance in the making, Coco Bryce is working on groundbreaking beats and ofcourse Soosh (with remixes by Jameszoo and Kelpe) will release his SoFar EP in the near future. And there’s much, much more coming up… But that’s another story…


May 9, 2011

Another great day for a release! Today we officially release the digital version of ‘Fremdtunes the series 2′.  This second edition of our labelsampler series features music by DJ Optimus ft Prince Po (Organized Konfusion!), DJ Devastate ft Segerfalk, Jameszoo, Fremdkunst, Vindictiv and Boulaone.

The vinyl will be out on May 30. The record is available at http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=59366 for pre-orders.

Watch the the teaser (by the always-electrifying Superelectric). Mister Adam, the indefatigable, did the great artwork. Read more on this 6-track 12″ right here. Also, scratchedvinyl.com did a review. Read here!

Here’s a list of a few download stores where you can get this release:

Digital Tunes
DJ Tunes


April 27, 2011
We’re very pleased to let you know we’ve got a new release in line, planned for May: Fremdtunes – the series 2. It’s the second edition of our labelsampler series with music by DJ Optimus ft Prince Po (Organized Konfusion!), DJ Devastate ft Segerfalk, Jameszoo, Fremdkunst, Vindictiv and Boulaone. The digital release will be out on May 9th. The vinyl (with silckscreen printed cover and pressed in very limited numbers!) will be out on May 30. The record is available at http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=59366 for pre-orders. The teaser is done by the always-electrifying Superelectric. Mister Adam, the indefatigable, did the great artwork.
Read more on this 6-track 12″ right here. Also, scratchedvinyl.com did a review. Read here!


March 29, 2011
 To make sure you stay up-to-date on our releases, we’ve uploaded Fremdblend – tunes for the future – volume two: a mix of snippets of recent (so it’s not only futuristic) and upcoming releases. It’s exclusively blended by Belgium’s legendary DJ Grazzhoppa. The tape features appearances and tunes by artists like Fremdkunst, Kelpe, DJ Optimus, Prince Po, Coco Bryce, Saccage, Erwin Vann, Jameszoo, Boulaone and includes an exclusive track by Boomoperators ft Phat Kat (Grazzhoppa remix). Artwork, once again by the unstoppable Mister Adam. 

Enough talk, go ahead: listen! 


Fremdblend – Volume Two (Mixed By Dj Grazzhoppa) by Fremdtunes on Mixcloud

You’ll find the free download at http://thefindmag.com/?p=6554!


March 23, 2011

Within two weeks  the EP ‘Used Future’ by OptiMace will be out on Fremdtunes! Digitally on April 11th (Boomkat, Juno, Amazon and others) and physical on April 18th (Rush Hour, Fade and others). DJ Optimus made a snippet mix of this upcoming release. Listen to it and leave a comment!

OptiMace – Used Future – snippet-mix by DJ Optimus

We also have a Fremdkunst remix of the song ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’. And as we told you before, we are very generous people, so this one is available for free on soundcloud!

Get it here!


February 15, 2011

Just yesterday we put out Coco Bryce’s ‘Boesoek‘ and again we have some more news on a new release. This one’s by our Belgium friends The Compositive Two. They just released indepently their remix EP, an EP full of great dubstep, funk, hiphop and electronics. Nice to know: Fremdkunst (production by DJ Mace & additional sounds and main cuts by DJ Vindictiv) did a remix too! Here’s what The Compositive Two have to say about it themselves: “At first we never intended to have our tracks remixed. But after 2 of the remixers involved in this project offered to rework a track of our “compositive thoughts” album, we decided to ask around for other producers who might be interested to do the same. The result is now available as a free download for you to enjoy ! Spread the word and thx for listening…”

Listen to the original tracks/album here: tctwo.bandcamp.com/album/compositive-thoughts

The remixers are:
40 WINKS: users.telenet.be/40winks/
THE COLOURS CHANGE: www.myspace.com/thecolourschange
FREMDKUNST: www.fremdkunst.com
KRSUR: soundcloud.com/krsur
BIAZ: djbiaz.blogspot.comAnd here you’ll find the remix EP:


January 12, 2011

Here’s a little compilation of ímages of a great Fremdtunes night at ‘Land van Loos’ at 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Mister Adam and Superelectric did live art and visuals. DJ’s were Jameszoo & Coco Bryce and Fremdkunst ‘pocket size’ featuring Erwin Vann performed live. The track on the video is by Solo Moderna (Fremdkunst’s ‘Sidewalk surfers & eccentric dancers’ remix). Enjoy!


December 28, 2010

The year 2010 contained a lot of highlights: as well on the personal level (hell yeah, baby number two!) as on the musical level. We ignited the Fremdtunes-engine, put out some incredible releases, connected with great musicians/producers and had lotsofun. To Fremdkunst (and I think I can speak for the whole band) our gig at Festival Mundial 2010 was an absolute highlight: we joined forces with Eric Vloeimans and Baba Sissoko on stage and created some of the most surprising tunes we ever made. Because we’d like to share this with you. we’ve uploaded the opening-track on soundcloud. Enjoy!

Fremdkunst XL – Vlad Tepes (live at Festival Mundial 2010) by fremdtunes

To finish the year of properly we’d like to add the 2010 highlight of Mister Adam: “2010 highlight was the worldcup semi final against Uruguay, especially the beautiful goal by Giovanni van Bronckhorst. ‘Stunning goal by the Dutch captain Gio van Bronckhorst, their was plenty of fantasy about that. What possesed him to have a go?’ An English football commentator said…”

See y’all next year!


December 9, 2010

Fremdtunes will host a part of the ‘Land of Loos’ clubnight at 013 (Tilburg, NL) on January 8th 2011. A good start of the year with Fremdkunst ‘pocket size’ (ft Erwin Vann), Jameszoo (DJ-set) and Coco Bryce (DJ-set). Live art will be done by Mister Adam & Superelectric. Yeh! 



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