November 15, 2013

Today we proudly present! The eighth track release of the remix-artwork project ‘REPROGRAM: A SEQUENCE OF REMIXES': Deformer remixed ‘Damian’ by OptiMace and Cless provided the artwork.

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September 27, 2013

OptiMaceVille-scan1CONTEST CLOSED

To celebrate the kick off of Reprogram we give away our last but one official copy of ‘OptiMaceVille – Invasion of the lettermen’ – our first collab with the boys from Mashville.  If you’d like to have a change at receiving this piece of art, post an image of your favorite albumcover (off all times) beneath our Facebook-post. He or she who shares the albumcover we like the most will receive the (thus, last but one) OptiMaceVille CD + artwork.

And we know; you are all winners. But there can only be one real winner…tonight you will know who it is!


September 26, 2013

Big news! We proudly present: REPROGRAM – A SEQUENCE OF REMIXES. Kicking off at the end of October, 16 original tracks that were released via Fremdtunes will be remixed and one after another released online (for free) with brand new artwork!

Participating artists are Julian EdwardesJay HatsCoco BryceGrazzhoppaOptimus ft Prince Po, Emufucka, KelpeOptiMace, Pierce WarneckeFremdkunstKid SundancePlanesBig Mister Doom, FilthyBroke, MoodsBaron Retif & Concepcion PerezDeformerJasper AndriesGraphic SurgeryGijs WeijerHenk LoorbachFrancesco CastellaniErosieSteve Alexander (Rinzen), Mister AdamSpielereiZedzBasterClessHedofFreshcoRaymond Lemstra a.o.

These are the original tracks of the forthcoming remixes:

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June 5, 2013

OptiMace shares one of the tunes on their début EP Used Future‘ called ‘From Lizzie With Love’ as free download. Go ahead, grab it, share it, love it…and don’t forget to download for free ‘This Music Is Not Music‘ (KDip 2011) and get yourself a copy of ‘The Future Is Not What It Used To Be‘ (2011/2012).


July 18, 2012

As you may or may not know: every once in a while we put out Fremdblend: a mix of snippets of previously released tunes and tracks that haven’t seen daylight yet. Today we proudly present Fremdblend – volume four! With tracks and appearances by artists like Ben Butler & Mousepad, Big Mister Doom, Coco Bryce, DJ Optimus, Emufucka, Fremdkunst, iET, Julian Edwardes, Kelpe, Kid Sundance, Pierce Warnecke, Planes, Quarta330, Saccage, Soosh and many others. Expect to hear downtempo hiphop, skweee, triphop, jazz, boogie and all types of musica electronique…Thus; friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your ears for over 40 minutes of fremdness.



July 11, 2012

In April we celebrated our second anniversary. And next Sunday (July 15) we will celebrate it ‘in the flesh’ at Bird, Rotterdam – during Street Science Festival.

We organized a record fair, where a bunch of great DJ’s (like Coco Bryce, Pathless, Frankadelic and OptiMace) will be spinning records. Plus: Mister Adam, Saskia Haex, Lucky Dubz and Hans Foks will create live artwork on blank record-covers.

We are also invited together with filmmaker/producer/label-owner/DJ Mike Redman (Redrum) to join the talk-show ‘Mybio’ the same day (starts at 17.30). Special guest DJ is our Swedish friend DJ Devastate.

When: July 15
Time: 13.00 – 21.00
Where: Bird, Rotterdam
Entrance: free

Take a look at the complete program of Street Science!


June 25, 2012

On a regular bases we’re inviting talented, befriended DJ’s and/or radio-hosts to do a mix for our ‘Weather Fremdcast’. After previous mixes by Emufucka, Nifkin, R&R, Pathless, Frybread, Coco Bryce and Fine Cut Bodies, here comes number 9 by Big Mister Doom! A chilled out, cinematic mix with tracks by Bonobo, Soosh, Headshotboyz and many more.

Go ahead: listen

Big Mister Doom are Leeds-based Ian Scott and Joe Wretham. In 2010 Big Mister Doom self-released their self-titled EP; a dense and articulate exploration of electronic music. Since then they’ve been remixing work of artists like Eskimo Twins, Muskoaka, Pierce Warnecke, OptiMace and Paper Tiger, working on live performances and preparing new material for 2012. They released their wonderful EP ‘Tinderbox‘ on Fremdtunes in February!


June 18, 2012

Tomorrow we’ll let you know what will be the cover of the forthcoming Kid Sundance LP. For now, we’ll gladly enlighten your day with a post about a few fresh mixes.

Speaking of Kid Sundance: he recently did an outstanding vinyl-only-mix called Latest Catch. It includes tunes by Francis Lai, Jacky Giordano, Jimmy Caravan, Aristides Santos, Bernard Purdie and others. Coco Bryce is back from his vacation in Morocco and made this excellent ‘Morocco mixtape‘. DJ Mace uploaded two old mixes to keep your ears occupied this week: one from 2005 called ‘Weer ‘s wat anders (side A)‘ featuring music by Sabrina, Prince, RJD2, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, The Meters and others. The other one’s called Hip Hop Mixed Tape part 1 (side A), created in 2001 and is filled with underground tracks by Freddie Foxx, Mr. Lif, Nextmen and others.

To conclude today’s Fremdcast: soon we shall publish Fremdblend 4.0, a mix filled with tracks of recent and upcoming releases. The other parts are still available on soundcloud and mixcloud:

Fremdblend 1.0 (mixed by OptiMace)
Fremdblend 2.0
(mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa)
Fremdblend 3.0
(mixed by Mr. Critical)

Enjoy the weather!


April 26, 2012

Out now! The digital version of ‘OptiMace – The future is not what it used to be (part 1)‘ with outstanding remixes by Big Mister Doom, Illy Symphony and KRSUR. Last year we already put out the 7-INCH. Now we can finally share the digital version with you!

Read more about this release here

And stream (& download) right here:


April 26, 2012

Two years ago, on April 26 2010, Fremdtunes officially kicked off. After launching Fremdvibes by Sayswho? & DJ Vindictiv a whole string of releases followed including music by Big Mister Doom, Coco Bryce, Kelpe, OptiMace, Emufucka, R&R, Pierce Warnecke, SooshSaccage and many others.

After our contest (results will follow today!) we’d like to share some ‘bonusmaterial‘ with you. We collected 6 tracks that appeared as bonus with digital releases. Only today you download them all for free! Music by Coco Bryce, Esolar, Fremdkunst, Kelpe, OptiMace & Soosh. So, enjoy and join the party


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