June 17, 2013


November 27, 2012

Only 200 copies, a killercombo, handsprayed artwork by Mister Adam…so…pre-order your copy of Coco Bryce & Emufucka’s Cocofucka 7-INCH AT JET SET (JP), JUNO (UK) OR RUSH HOUR (NL)!


September 23, 2011

Today it’s been a year since we put out our first physical release, Fremdkunst: b-beats & soundscapes. To celebrate this event we’ve uploaded a bonus version of the track ’2nd of June’ for you to download (for free!). The song was also used in the above viral and features DJ Optimus, DJ Vindictiv and Mete Erker.

While Mister Critical just finished Fremdbend 3.0 for us (available next week!) and OptiMace is working on another Wax Poetics mix, Buddy Peace just uploaded a megamix of London-based beatmaster Kelpe, which you definitely should listen to. It shows why Kelpe is a true unique player in the field of electronic-beatstrumentalists. Besides that, it’s an excellent mix.

So, this should do it for today. Have a good weekend!


September 15, 2011

A new release on Fremdtuns coming up! Berlin-based audiophile Pierce Warnecke releases his digital single ‘The Machine Serves’ on October 3rd 2011. This single preludes his forthcoming EP ‘The Machine Regrets’ and introduces the listener to the beatstrumental universe of Pierce Warnecke. Pre-listen at:

Pierce Warnecke has been creating digital material since his studies at Berklee College of Music. Inspired by the interactions between humans and machines, scientific research and complex data structures, he works as a programmer to find alternate ways of integrating sound, video, light and data into performance/installation contexts. He also is a sound designer for a well known music software company. Warnecke previously did remixes for Kelpe (one on FR2010-03 digital), released music on BEE Recordings and performed in Europe and the US with different audio- and audiovisual projects.

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July 4, 2011

Today, it’s independence day, so we could tell you to ‘stay independent’ and celebrate the indie- and diy-culture, but that’s something we’d like you to decide for yourself. Instead, we celebrate the release of ‘Yield & continue’ by Dutch producer Saccage. This release (digital only!) is available on downloadstores like Boomkat, Digital TunesJuno & Addictech.  Saccage produced two jazzed-up Hip Hop tracks for this debut. ‘Security of misfortune’ dips the listener’s brain in a wistful voyage, while ‘Let it go’ has MC Rude-D distributing some nice, direct vocals on a downtempo Hip Hop beat. Belgium’s finest 40 Winks (Project Mooncircle) remixed ‘Security of misfortune’ and turned it into an authentic tour the force. Coco Bryce (Myor/Fremdtunes) ft DJ Mace remixed ‘Monkey business’ in his perpetual effective way.

Saccage earlier released some great tracks. One of ‘m (together with USA mc Incense) ended up on Tropical Heat Volume 1 by Myor: get this record here. In 2007, Saccage released a limited split EP with Rude-D. There’s only a few copies left: order these here.


June 23, 2011

We put together a mix for Wax Poetics (one of the greatest musicmagazines since the birth of Christ): reflecting Fremdtunes’ flavor with a soulful, funky, electronic, and beat-heavy trip. Go to Wax Poetics for some outstanding reading-material or take yourself directly to the mix on our soundcloud page


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April 27, 2011
We’re very pleased to let you know we’ve got a new release in line, planned for May: Fremdtunes – the series 2. It’s the second edition of our labelsampler series with music by DJ Optimus ft Prince Po (Organized Konfusion!), DJ Devastate ft Segerfalk, Jameszoo, Fremdkunst, Vindictiv and Boulaone. The digital release will be out on May 9th. The vinyl (with silckscreen printed cover and pressed in very limited numbers!) will be out on May 30. The record is available at for pre-orders. The teaser is done by the always-electrifying Superelectric. Mister Adam, the indefatigable, did the great artwork.
Read more on this 6-track 12″ right here. Also, did a review. Read here!


February 21, 2011

So, we recently released Coco Bryce’s album ‘Boesoek’. wrote: “I don’t want to overstate anything and regret it later, but this is about as solid a début album you’ll come across from an instrumental producer. It’s interesting, varied, and fun, and I feel like I get something new out of it with each listen.” Tokyo Breath Sauce said: “It is really really fresh!!!”. Ninja Tune’s Slugabed described it as: “It’s like riding a phoenix through a waterfall.” Slow Hand Motëm announced: “IT BUMPS!!!” and our good friend producer/DJ Solo Moderna: “Excellent digidubby style, great release!!”. Enough for the good references: since we pressed a limited amount of copies we suggest you to be quick and order the vinyles while you can.

Here are some spots that sell the vinyl record:

Boomkat (UK)

Dux Records (AU) 

Fade (Sweden) 

Groove collector (FR) 

Jetset (Japan)

Newtone Records (Japan)

Picadilly Records (Japan) 

Rubadub (UK) 

Rush Hour (NL) 

And ofcourse, you can also order the digital versions for ever and ever: here are some virtual places where you can get this great record:






February 3, 2011

We at Fremdtunes are currently finishing the debut EP ‘Used Future’ by OptiMace. Klaas Verplancke & Mister Adam are finishing the artwork and we’re to start telling the world about this release. But before we can any further we’d like to introduce you to the track ‘OptiMaceVille – Invasion of the Lettermen ‘. It’s a track that resulted from a collaboration between OptiMace and Mashville in 2009. Mashville is a collaborative art project initiated by Mister Adam and drJay. They invite people to work with them by exchanging images in order to create a silkscreen print together. They create one image, pass it on to the collaborator to complete/change and get a completely different outcome back. They work on it some more and send it back again. Image ping-pong so to speak. Once satisfied with the outcome they’ll have it printed. In the case of OptiMace they worked on image-music-ping-pong (so to speak). OptiMace invited saxophone player Erwin Vann and guitarist Shycop to complete the track and this is the result:

OptiMaceVille – Invasion of the Lettermen ft Erwin Vann & Shycop (2009) by fremdtunes 

You can order the official release (limited silckscreen printed artwork + CD) at


November 29, 2010

We’ve updated our SHOP, so go start doing your Sinterklaas & Christmas shopping…


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